Araraquara Regional Health Council releases data related to dengue fever in the region

Last Friday (24), the Araraquara Regional Health Council (DRS), released official data related to dengue fever in the region, according to a survey by the Epidemiological Surveillance Group (EVG). The municipality of Ibitinga belongs to the region of Araraquara and also had its data calculated. According to the information contained in the Bulletin, the region, … Read more

A new flu vaccine for the elderly is coming in April and costs more than R$ 160

According to a technical note from the Brazilian Society of Vaccinations (SBIM), the higher concentration of antigens allowed an increase in the immune system response of the elderly to the vaccine | Photo: Tomás Silva/Agência Brasil The vaccines division of the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi has launched a new vaccine against the influenza virus, responsible … Read more

Man ruptures brain aneurysm during sex | metropolises

The Indonesian patient lost consciousness during sexual intercourse with his wife. The problem was caused by the rupture of a 0.8 mm aneurysm 27/03/2023 14:46, Updated on 03/27/2023 at 14:46 A 42-year-old man from the city of Surabaya, Indonesia, nearly died during sex when an aneurysm ruptured in his brain. The case was detailed by … Read more

Persimmon: know the benefits of the fruit | metropolises

Learn the best way to include persimmon in recipes and enjoy its health benefits 03/27/2023 12:21, updated on 03/27/2023 12:21 Just like the tomato, the persimmon could easily be mistaken for a shelf full of fruit. The “sweet tomato” guarantees a unique and delicious taste. Fall is when the sweetest and juiciest persimmons are found. … Read more

The Gazette | Alert: hospitalizations for bowel cancer increase by 64% in a decade

The consumption of ultra-processed foods, in addition to a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and alcoholism, is identified as one of the causes of the increase Hospitalizations for bowel cancer increase by 64% in a decade. (Shutterstock) Roberta Jansen Published on March 27, 2023 at 9:15 am 3minimum reading The number of hospitalizations for bowel (colorectal) cancer … Read more