People Are Already Making Deepfake Videos of Trump’s Arrest

Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway / The Daily Beast News watchers don’t have to wait for real images of Donald Trump in handcuffs – deepfakes are already flooding social media thanks to artificial intelligence technology that allows any hoax to pass as a news photographer. Trump announced Saturday morning that he expected to be arrested Tuesday … Read more

Seminole Sidelines: Struggling Baseball, Booming Softball, March Madness

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Analysis of NBA MVP debate around Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid amid questions about voter motivations

It’s hard to deny how toxic the discussion around the NBA MVP award has become in recent weeks. It’s been replaced with whatever happens with Ja Morant, but the bad taste should stay. He went through the predictable cycle of name-calling, bullying and, more recently, accusations of racism Since former players on daily chat shows. … Read more

Where consensus outfield rankings are wrong

ECR stands for “Expert Consensus Ranking” which means the average fantasy baseball industry ranking and is generally similar to ADP (which differs from site to site). This will be a series of ongoing positions highlighting big differences between ECR and my own ranks. Our focus today is on where the consensus rankings are wrong on … Read more

Canucks Quinn Hughes underdog in Norris Trophy race?

Vancouver Canucks defenseman Quinn Hughes accomplished one of the toughest jobs asked of a modern defenseman by excelling on a tanking team while playing high-volume minutes against top-tier opponents night after night. . Hughes was one of the only bright spots for the Canucks amid another disappointing season – Vancouver looked like a reservoir for … Read more

Another week, another Thiago Almada masterclass

Atlanta midfielder Thiago Almada is tearing up MLS so far this season. (Getty) Well would you look at that, Matchday 4 in MLS was predictably unpredictable. Records — and hearts — were broken, insane runs continued, and a clear-cut MVP frontrunner has emerged. Winner: Not bad, oldtimer Midfielder Diego Chara and defender Zusi have each … Read more