Hit sleepers being neglected in drafts

Your definition of fancy baseball sleeper may vary, but the following hitting list contains undervalued options compared to ADP.

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Winker has also dealt with injuries, but he might be 2022’s best example of how changing the home park can destroy a batter’s fantasy value. After being dealt to Seattle, he finished 10 fewer homers than his previous season at Cincinnati despite playing over 25 games and increasing his flyball rate significantly. Winker’s HR/FB % went from 20.7% in ATM to 9.7% last season. He deserves a fantastic boost now that he will strike again in an extremely friendly park for homers.

Lowe was one of the biggest waiver wire busts last season, wasting a bunch of FAB with an ugly .221/.284/.343 line and a 33.3 K%. But he’s a former first-round pick who recorded 151 wRC+ last season in Triple-A, where he also hit 36 ​​home runs and stole 51 bases over the past two years (705 AB). Tampa Bay didn’t add anyone after losing left fielder David Peralta in the offseason and has a roster spot for Lowe if he’s ready to finally hit the major league pitcher. His K-rate will always carry average risk at bat, but Lowe’s power/speed potential remains very intriguing in the fantasy leagues.

Andrus was quietly one of 21 players to score 15/15 last season. He accomplished this by playing most of the season at one of baseball’s top pitching parks in Oakland before moving to Chicago. In fact, Andrus hit more homers for the White Sox than the A’s last season, despite only 33% of his at-bats with Chicago.

Andrus is 34 and will clearly regress in 2023, but if we prorate his stats with the White Sox over 600 AB, we’d get: .271-83-30-93-36 (no one made 30/30 last season) . Andrus re-signed from Chicago, which increased home runs by 22% for RHB over the past three years. He is not drafted among the top 35 shortstops in the Yahoo Leagues.

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LE BAT X projects Friedl for 15/10 in less than 425 AB and a wRC+ (104) superior to Riley Green, Jake McCarthy And Oscar Gonzalez, among other things being drafted much higher in the fantasy leagues (including his teammate Jake Fraley, with a 98 wRC+ and an ADP 50+ points higher).

Great American Ballpark has increased left-handed batting home runs by 63% (and an MLB high) over the past three seasons.

Meadows has averaged 30 home runs, 81 runs scored and 98 RBI in odd-numbered years throughout his career, so numerologists should expect a big rebound in 2023 after hitting zero home runs last season.

On a more serious note, Meadows is said to have lost 15 pounds and fully recovered from last year’s injuries and off-court issues. He is also expected to do housework, is still only 27 and should benefit from Comerica Park changes its dimensions in the off-season; Detroit has dropped HR for LHB an MLB-high 39% over the past three seasons, but should be more hitter friendly after moving into the CF/RF fences.

Walsh might be the cheapest source of 30 homers now that he’s back healthy and playing at one of baseball’s best parks for left-handed power. Angel Stadium has increased left-handed hitting home runs by 32% over the past three seasons.

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Kim posted a modest 70 wRC+ in his first major league season, but bounced back (105 wRC+) last year while providing a formidable defense. He will be San Diego’s starting second baseman with Jake Cronenworth move on to first, and Kim might be the cheapest fantasy center fielder (who is also 3B eligible) capable of posting a 15/15 season.

Wong barely makes the top 250 fantasy draft picks, despite being one of eight midfielders to go 15/15 last season. It sure is a downgrade at home parks, but Wong is in a good role that should take the lead ahead Julio Rodriguez.

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