Novak Djokovic vs Stefanos Tsitsipas, Australian Open 2023 Men’s Final Live: Scores and Match Updates

Novak Djokovic vs Stefanos Tsitsipas, Australian Open 2023 Final Live: Scores & Match Updates – GETTY IMAGES


Djokovic* 4-2 Tsitsipas (* indicates next server)

Brilliant backhand pass from Djokovic, 0-15. So good.

Tsitsipas forehand into the net, 15-30. He responds with his third ace, 30-30. These cheap points are more than welcome.

Djokovic’s forehand into the net, 40-30. As of Tsitsipas to hold the service. He needed it desperately.

Djokovic vs Tsitsipas Australian Open 2023 Final Live Score - REUTERS

Djokovic vs Tsitsipas Australian Open 2023 Final Live Score – REUTERS


Latest update from Simon Briggs on the Rod Laver Arena

Compared to last night’s women’s final, the crowd is much louder at the start. They know these two players and have their partisan loyalties, whereas the classic Rybakina-Sabalenka was more of a producer.

A few decent rallies early on, but Tsitsipas only lands 43% of his first serves and deserves to be behind as a result.


Djokovic 4-1 Tsitsipas* (* indicates next server)

Djokovic winner from overhead, 15-0. Too many errors from Tsitsipas, 40-0. But he brings Djokovic back to 40-30. However, Djokovic closes the game with a forehand volley winner.

Djokovic is playing like a man on a mission and Tsitsipas doesn’t know how to stop him.


Djokovic* 3-1 Tsitsipas (* indicates next server)

Longest rally of the match, 25 shots, both players go for it but Tsitsipas takes control with his forehand and finishes with a forehand winner, 15-15.

Djokovic puts Tsitsipas on the run and gets the error, 15-30. Tsitsipas’ big first serve is not returned, 30-30.

Tsitsipas on the back foot again and he slices a wide forehand, Djokovic break point. The pressure is revealed as Tsitsipas hits a double fault.

Djokovic breaks.

Djokovic vs Tsitsipas Australian Open 2023 Final Live Score - REUTERS

Djokovic vs Tsitsipas Australian Open 2023 Final Live Score – REUTERS


Djokovic 2-1 Tsitsipas* (*indicates next server)

Djokovic with another comfortable serve catch. He ends the game with a winning backhand down the line.

Tsitsipas will have to do more with his returns to put pressure on Djokovic.


Djokovic* 1-1 Tsitsipas (* indicates next server)

Long rally to start the match, Tsitsipas tries to dictate with the forehand but he ends up scoring, 0-15.

The deep backhand from Djokovic and Tsitsipas gives a high and long forehand, 0-30. The Greek has yet to find his timing.

First ace for Tsitsipas, 15-30. Djokovic spices up Tsitsipas’ backhand and the third seed sends a long, two break points.

Tsitsipas finds a first serve to save the first. Djokovic does unbelievably to get a big first serve in game, but then he sends a long forehand, heck.

As of Tsitsipas to hold the service. This should boost his confidence.


Latest update from Simon Briggs on the Rod Laver Arena

A tit-for-tat aural tussle between Greek and Serbian fans at the Rod Laver Arena.

Tsitsipas was comfortably the most cheered with his announcement, but Djokovic’s contingent then responded with a loud chant of “Nole, Nole” (his nickname).


First set: Novak Djokovic 1-0 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (* indicates next server)

Djokovic’s ideal start since he holds at 15 with a winning forehand. A beginning of declaration of the nine times champion.


Latest update from Simon Briggs on the Rod Laver Arena

Hello from Melbourne. Many cameras are aimed at Djokovic’s player box, waiting for a photo of Novak’s father, Srdjan Djokovic, if he decides to join the team. From my position above them, I don’t think he’s there.

I can see Novak’s mother, Dijana, and her spokesperson Elena, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone to Dijana’s right. Srdjan skipped the semi-final after the controversy over his photos and videos with pro-Putin protesters on Wednesday.



Djokovic wins and will serve first. Fewer straps on Djokovic’s left hamstring today compared to previous matches.

He must be feeling very well, which bodes ill for Tsitsipas.

Djokovic vs Tsitsipas Australian Open 2023 Live Score - AP

Djokovic vs Tsitsipas Australian Open 2023 Live Score – AP



Tsitsipas is the first to enter the field. He receives a good reception and is followed by Djokovic, who greets his fans.


The fans are ready

Djokovic vs Tsitsipas Australian Open 2023 Live Score - SHUTTERSTOCK

Djokovic vs Tsitsipas Australian Open 2023 Live Score – SHUTTERSTOCK

Djokovic vs Tsitsipas Australian Open 2023 Live Score - SHUTTERSTOCK

Djokovic vs Tsitsipas Australian Open 2023 Live Score – SHUTTERSTOCK


Dominating Djokovic

Djokovic leads their head-to-head 10-2, winning the last nine games.

Djokovic is also 9-0 at the Australian Open when he reaches the final.


“Tsitsipas looks really dangerous right now”

Eurosport expert John McEnroe told Reuters:

Maybe Tsitsipas got a little wake-up call when Alcaraz won the Open and became world number one and he’s a few years younger.

Holger Rune is starting to make real inroads and some of the other young players. It looked like the guys who needed to win as a group like (Daniil) Medvedev, (Alexander) Zverev before he got injured, (Dominic) Thiem and Tsistipas, there was a danger that it didn’t happen.

So I think there was this danger that (Tsitsipas) was somehow not forgotten, but somehow not at the top level. So I give him a lot of credit because he didn’t have great results in major tournaments last year. But there seems to be a positive energy emanating from him that I haven’t seen in a while. And when his forehand works, it’s really a great moment. He looks really dangerous right now.


Twelve months ago, Djokovic was expelled from Australia…

… now he is aiming to win a 10th title in Melbourne.

Honestly, I’m on it. Once I arrived in Australia, my intentions were always very positive to return. Of course the feelings back in Australia this year were different than any other year because of the events of last year.

I have said many times that I have no hard feelings, that I love playing in Australia, that I love being here. This kind of emotion that I feel helped me to feel comfortable and to play well. I won Adelaide, now I’m in the Australian Open final. I haven’t lost a match in the last five weeks in Australia.

Djokovic vs Tsitsipas Australian Open 2023 Live Score - GETTY IMAGES

Djokovic vs Tsitsipas Australian Open 2023 Live Score – GETTY IMAGES


Djokovic’s father was allowed to attend the final after a video of him with Vladimir Putin fans

Australian Open Tournament Director Craig Tiley said:

It’s his decision. We’re going to leave his decision up to him and ultimately he has to make the decision.

It didn’t violate any event policies. This is really important because what was written about what he (allegedly) said is not correct and I think people are backtracking.

It’s a shame that massive assumptions were made.


In case you missed it…

… Aryna Sabalenka won the women’s final on Saturday, defeating Wimbledon champion Elena Rybakina in three thrilling sets.

Our tennis correspondent Simon Briggs says the Belarusian has the potential to revolutionize the women’s game.

Read his article here.


Last day of the Australian Open men

Hello and welcome to the coverage of the Australian Open men’s final between Novak Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas.

It’s the last day of the opening grand slam of the year and it’s been full of great tennis, upheaval, drama and controversy.

But at 8.30am (UK time), Djokovic will be aiming to equal Rafael Nadal on 22 major titles while Tsitsipas battles for his first.

The two players have already met in a Grand Slam final. At Roland Garros in 2021, Tsitsipas took a two-sets-to-one lead before Djokovic defended to win in five.

The world No. 1 ranking is also at stake and Djokovic believes his experience in these situations should benefit him.

“I think the experience of being in that situation and those particular circumstances before helps,” he said. “I also think the fact that I never lost the Australian Open final is definitely a great confidence boost going into Sunday.

“But, of course, work still needs to be done on the court. I’m going to play against Tsitsipas, who is in great shape, in great shape, has played some of his best tennis. I’m sure he’s going to be very motivated to win his first Grand Slam title.

“I know his game quite well. He knows my game well. We have played many times on different surfaces. We played a Grand Slam final, but it was on clay, at Roland Garros a few years ago.

“I know what’s to come and I’m excited. Luckily for me at this point in my career, because of all the accomplishments, it’s always in every game or every tournament that there’s always something going on. game, especially when the Grand Slam tournaments are played. Of course, I am privileged to be in this position and I hope for the best.”

For Tsitsipas, he says the chance to win a major tournament and be world No. 1 is something he has worked for all his life.

“I remember watching it on TV thinking, I want to be there myself one day,” he said. “I want to recreate that feeling for myself.

“I knew it was a very long journey to get there. There are certain steps you have to take to give yourself the chance to compete for something like this.

“But I believed in it a lot. I believed in it a lot. First of all, it’s your ego that talks. You have it or not, you know? was good in my From then on, I knew that if I could get out of my country and compete in other countries, European leagues, European tours, I proved to myself time and time again that I was really good. junior No. 1. Now I want to do it in men, in men’s professional tennis.”

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