Pamela Anderson doc director ‘not surprised’ Tim Allen, Sylvester Stallone deny the stories

Pamela Anderson doc director ‘not surprised’ Tim Allen, Sylvester Stallone deny the stories

(Photo: Pamela, A Love Story/Netflix)

Filmmaker Ryan White – who is behind the Netflix documentary Pamela Anderson – says “she just can’t be dishonest”, amid denials from some of the stars whose stories she tells. (Picture: Netflix)

Ryan White, director of Netflix’s Pamela Anderson documentary, says she’s nothing if not honest.

Before the release of Pamela, a love story January 31 – the same day, his memoirs, Love, Pamela, fate – some of the anecdotes she shares in the projects have leaked and made headlines. This week, Tim Allen denied a story Anderson tells in his book (“it never happened”) about him flashing her on the first day of his Home improvement in 1991 after telling her it was only fair because he saw her naked in Playboy. Anderson doubled down on her response, saying it was a “true story” and that she meant “no ill will” towards Allen by telling it, but was illustrating “uncomfortable situations” she faced during her life. career. Shortly after, Sylvester Stallone called it “completely wrong” that he gave her a condo and a Porsche and asked her to be his No. 1 girl at the time. (She previously shared Stallone’s story, in 2018, with an outlet noting at the time that her rep did not respond to request for comment.)

Pamela, a love story director White tells Yahoo Entertainment that he isnot surprised that people are denying things” as the projects release date approaches. However, “What I will say is: Pamela is being honest. She lives her life in the most honest way I have ever seen. His North Star is honesty – at fault. I think she just can’t be dishonest…So I’d put my money behind anything Pamela Anderson says.”

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 13: Director Ryan White attends EPIX Original Documentary Premiere

Director Ryan White has previously made documentaries about Serena Williams (Serena) and Dr. Ruth Westheimer (Ask Dr Ruth), among others. (Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

After spending time together making the documentary, including at her home in Ladysmith, B.C., where she moved in 2020, White adds that Anderson “does nothing to get attention. She doesn’t do anything to earn money”. turning down a $5 million deal after his home video with Tommy Lee was stolen and sold as a sex tape, never making any money from it. “Pamela has never played chess when it comes to fame or money. It’s just not interesting for her. She wants to live really authentically, out loud, [and] encourages that – and honesty – in everyone.”

White reveals that there were many other potentially headline-grabbing stories that he left out.

“So any anecdote she ever told me – and there are so many good ones that would be click bait that I just didn’t include in the film because they didn’t serve the story broadest of my film – I believe all of them,” he says.

For the project, produced by Anderson’s eldest son, Brandon Thomas Lee, the Baywatch alum, 55, handed over his diaries along with all of his personal video archives. White and his team rented a van to bring everything back from Vancouver Island, Canada, to Los Angeles. Her team “read every newspaper and watched every minute of footage that Pamela shot in her life to search for those diamonds in the rough.”

(Photo: Pamela, A Love Story/Netflix)

Pamela, a love story director Ryan White has received all of his video archives and diaries, some written on notepads, for the documentary, which premieres January 31. (Photo: Pamela, A Love Story/Netflix)

The doc uses the videos and her words, along with new interviews with her, to tell the story of growing up in Canada in a household with young parents who fought a lot and grew apart. She was sexually abused by a babysitter as a child and later raped at age 12. He takes viewers on his journey to stardom, posing for Playboy for the first time, then become a global TV superstar in this famous red swimsuit. Anderson recounts — sometimes in makeup-free interviews in a bathrobe in her modest living room — the ups and downs of her love affair with the first Tommy Lee, as well as subsequent marriages, and shares what she’s learned now that ‘She’s 55 and single, living in the house her grandparents once owned.

Pamela, a love story premieres Tuesday at 3 a.m. ET on Netflix. his memoirs, Love, Pamelagoes on sale the same day.

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