2 Things That Will Make Rivian Stock Act Like Meta Stocks

Text size Rivian’s enterprise value is behind fellow electric vehicle start-ups Lucid, Polestar and Fisker. Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images Stock in Electric Truck Starter Rivian Automotive is trading terribly, over 80% off its IPO price of $78 per share and over 90% off all-time highs. The shares are also trading much worse than shares of other … Read more

Here’s What Happens to the IRS After You File Your Taxes

Jonathan Amy, a 74-year-old semi-retired neurologist in McLean, Va., is still awaiting a refund of nearly $10,000 on his 2020 taxes. His accountant electronically filed his extension statement in September 2021 and received a notification of acceptance from the Internal Revenue Service. Finally, last month, Mr. Amy contacted the Taxpayer Advocate Service, an independent watchdog … Read more

The critical role of smaller banks in the economy means distress increases recession risks

Main Street businesses and American families will likely find it harder to get a loan due to turmoil in the banking sector, economic growth and the risk of recession. “The risk in terms of SVB’s spark is real,” said Greg Daco, chief economist at EY-Parthenon, a strategy advisory unit of Ernst & Young LLP. The … Read more

Despite market volatility, retail investors went on a buying spree. These are the shares they picked up, says Vanda.

The turmoil in financial markets, as the failure of three U.S. banks and uncertainty surrounding a major European bank continues to loom, hasn’t stopped some investors from buying into this so-called stock market bottom at a given time last week. That’s according to a weekly report released Friday by Vanda Research, which said retail investors … Read more

“I feel like a sucker”: I bought shares for $18 after an IPO. The underwriter’s brokerage had a price target of $30. It fell below $1. How could they be so wrong?

I bought a stock when it went public last year. A major brokerage was the underwriter and had a price target of $30 on the stock. I thought it was a good idea to buy the stock at $18 because I thought it would go to $30. The stock yesterday was trading below $1. How … Read more

Opinion: Buffett loves cash dividends and here’s why you should too; plus 8 higher yielding stocks to get you started.

In this uncertain stock market, one all-weather investing tactic makes particular sense: owning stocks that pay an attractive dividend yield. “Dividends pay all the time. It doesn’t matter what’s happening in the broader market,” says Kelley Wright, editor of Investment Quality Trends, a dividend-focused action letter. Dividend stocks aren’t just defensive; they also play on … Read more

Lumen debt swap shows firm plans to ‘fight on’ amid investor doubts

Lumen Technologies Inc. is offering to conduct a debt swap in what an analyst sees as management’s attempt to ‘fight back’ amid growing doubts about the telco’s ability to turn around its business while facing heavy debt. Lumen LUMN, -3.86% said in a morning press release that Level 3 Financing, a subsidiary of the company, … Read more

Ryan Reynolds sells Mint Mobile for $1.35 billion to T-Mobile

Ryan Reynolds has used his stardom and wit to make Mint Mobile a low-cost competitor in the congested wireless space. Mr. Reynolds, co-owner of Mint Mobile, was the personality for the company’s advertisements, both on television and on social media. Ads, like a recent one where he read ad copy written for him by Chat … Read more

Where to put money in the middle of banking jitters? Same rules apply, say financial advisers

Rising interest rates and stock market volatility over the past year have added further appeal to high-yield savings accounts and certificates of deposit offered by banks. Then came the resounding bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank, the closure of Signature Bank and the array of regional banks under pressure, all within days. Depositors of the two … Read more

Lumen stock follows record annual decline with another steep drop this year

Lumen Technologies Inc. isn’t exactly in the top company among the S&P 500 laggards this year. Of the eight worst performing names in the index so far in 2023, seven are battered bank stocks, including SVB Financial Group SIVB, -60.41% and Signature Bank SBNY, -22.87%, whose correspondent banks collapsed and were taken over by the … Read more