Max Verstappen vs Fernando Alonso compared to Alonso vs Lewis Hamilton in 2007 : PlanetF1

Max Verstappen’s battle with Fernando Alonso in 2023 has been compared to the latter’s rivalry with Lewis Hamilton at McLaren in a comparison of Formula 1 driving styles. After joining the rejuvenated Aston Martin squad over the winter, Alonso finished third in the opening two races of the season behind the dominating Red Bulls of … Read more

Fernando Alonso’s next five milestones after 100th F1 podium : PlanetF1

After Fernando Alonso hit, then failed, then hit 100 F1 podiums again in Saudi Arabia, takes a look at other milestones he could soon achieve. Alonso joined an exclusive club in Jeddah on a list of just five other drivers with 100 or more podium finishes, alongside Kimi Raikkonen, Alain Prost, Sebastian Vettel, Michael … Read more

Ex-Minardi boss saw Fernando Alonso’s title potential even before his F1 debut: PlanetF1

Former Minardi team boss Paul Stoddart has revealed he singled out Fernando Alonso as a Formula 1 World Championship-winning talent, even before he reached the top level of motorsport. Stoddart had been a rival to Alonso in Formula 3000, leading the European Arrows team with fellow future F1 talent Mark Webber at the wheel, while … Read more

Fernando Alonso will need Red Bull’s help to secure his elusive 33rd win: PlanetF1

Stuck on 32 career wins for just under 10 years, Fernando Alonso thinks his AMR23 will win a grand prix but he will need “help” from Red Bull. Although Alonso’s decision to join Aston Martin from Alpine over the winter raised some eyebrows, it turned out to be an inspired call. The Spaniard has two … Read more

Fernando Alonso’s penalty debacle exposed another weakness in FIA regulations: PlanetF1

The “is-he-or-isn’t-he?” by Fernando Alonso. The podium at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix dealt a serious blow to the FIA’s attempts to be seen as a more effective authority. Coming home with a comfortable third place on track in Saudi Arabia, Fernando Alonso took the podium alongside the two Red Bull drivers and joined the … Read more

Mike Krack on ‘ambiguous’ FIA rules for car work during penalty time : PlanetF1

Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack has called the regulations around working on a car during a penalty period “a bit ambiguous” after Fernando Alonso nearly lost his Saudi Arabian P3 GP. Alonso finished Sunday’s race at the Jeddah circuit in third place, 5.1 seconds ahead of George Russell, only to be informed after podium … Read more

Why the FIA ​​stripped Fernando Alonso’s Jeddah podium…then gave it back : PlanetF1

Fernando Alonso was reinstated in third place at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, after receiving a post-race time penalty that dropped him to fourth place. Alonso finished third in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, stepping onto the podium behind the victorious Red Bull drivers and joining in the champagne celebrations. However, shortly after that celebration … Read more

Maybe they did it on purpose to get a win from behind: PlanetF1

After Max Verstappen’s RB19 ran into trouble during qualifying at the Jeddah circuit, Toto Wolff joked that Red Bull had set it up to show the world it could “win all the way from there”. ‘back”. Red Bull’s RB19 has been the choice of the field so far this season, with Verstappen winning the season-opening … Read more

Fernando Alonso focuses on trio of teams behind with Red Bull ‘in another league’: PlanetF1

Fernando Alonso starts alongside Red Bull’s Sergio Perez on the front row in Jeddah but doesn’t expect to challenge for victory. Red Bull predicted the peloton would bring them back for the Saudi Arabian GP after dominating Bahrain’s season opener, but Bahrain winner Max Verstappen was giving reason to believe the opposite was true as … Read more

But Mercedes says 50% is their car: PlanetF1

Fernando Alonso isn’t fazed by Red Bull’s copycat comments on his AMR23 as he says the differences are obvious, especially as Mercedes also claim “half” the car is theirs. Alonso took to the podium on his debut for Aston Martin, with the two-time world champion joining the two Red Bull drivers in the champagne celebrations … Read more