Tesla Gets Investment Grade Upgrade From Moody’s

Arrives within a week You’re here was a rotten credit rating at Moody’s, even though Tesla’s financial performance was much better by Moody’s own calculations. That changed Monday night after Moody’s upgraded its rating on the electric vehicle maker. Still, investors might wonder why the rating isn’t even higher. Elon Musk seems to be the … Read more

Here’s What Happens to the IRS After You File Your Taxes

Jonathan Amy, a 74-year-old semi-retired neurologist in McLean, Va., is still awaiting a refund of nearly $10,000 on his 2020 taxes. His accountant electronically filed his extension statement in September 2021 and received a notification of acceptance from the Internal Revenue Service. Finally, last month, Mr. Amy contacted the Taxpayer Advocate Service, an independent watchdog … Read more

First Republic Bank looms large for US regulators after Credit Suisse sale

US policymakers watched with suspicion the hasty rescue of Credit Suisse CS -6.94% Group AG this weekend, hoping that its takeover by UBS Group HER stem a fall in financial stocks triggered by the recent failure of two regional banks. Late Sunday, the Fed and five major central banks announced a coordinated effort to improve … Read more

I’m 38, sold my house for $1.3 million and saved my money, but wonder if I’ll ever be able to retire.

Dear Marketwatch, I am 38 years old and I wonder if I will ever be able to retire. In 2020, I bought a house for $649,000 with a 25% down payment. In 2022 I sold it for $1.3 million, took that money and reduced the cash payment. My total monthly housing expenses are still $1,500 … Read more

Unlimited deposit insurance: a radical idea making its way through Congress

The federal bailout of Silicon Valley Bank depositors was staged with historic speed and may have saved the US economy from a devastating wave of bank failures, but it also highlights the potential need for a radical overhaul of the system. American Deposit Insurance and Banking Regulation. more generally. During a hearing before the Senate … Read more

Adobe earnings and outlook top street views as ‘critical’ software tops spending priorities

Shares of Adobe Inc. rallied in extended trading on Wednesday after the software company beat Wall Street expectations for the quarter and raised its outlook, while anticipating that its acquisition of the design platform interactive Figma will close by the end of the year. Adobe ADBE, +0.08% shares rose 5% after hours, after gaining less … Read more

Swiss regulators offer financial lifeline to Credit Suisse

Swiss regulators said they would provide liquidity to Credit Suisse Group HER if necessary, offering a lifeline to the lender hard hit by concerns over its financial health. Investor confidence in Credit Suisse plummeted on Wednesday, sparking fears that a banking crisis centered on U.S. regional banks has spread across the Atlantic and is poised … Read more

Opinion: If beat bank stocks look tempting now, these buying tips can help you cash in

Banking stocks plummet following the bankruptcies of SVB Bank SIVB, and Signature Bank SBNY, -22.87% ), but there are good reasons to make this investment against the grain. First, federal regulators have made it clear that they will back banks on the brink of depositor flight. The Federal Reserve will lend to banks against the … Read more

Ryan Reynolds sells Mint Mobile for $1.35 billion to T-Mobile

Ryan Reynolds has used his stardom and wit to make Mint Mobile a low-cost competitor in the congested wireless space. Mr. Reynolds, co-owner of Mint Mobile, was the personality for the company’s advertisements, both on television and on social media. Ads, like a recent one where he read ad copy written for him by Chat … Read more

Where to put money in the middle of banking jitters? Same rules apply, say financial advisers

Rising interest rates and stock market volatility over the past year have added further appeal to high-yield savings accounts and certificates of deposit offered by banks. Then came the resounding bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank, the closure of Signature Bank and the array of regional banks under pressure, all within days. Depositors of the two … Read more