James Vowles explains key differences between Williams and Mercedes: PlanetF1

James Vowles has revealed the main difference between teams at the front and back of the Formula 1 grid, explaining that the quality of facilities separates the likes of Williams from championship teams like Mercedes. A pillar of Mercedes’ success in recent years, Vowles stepped down as chief strategist over the winter to become just … Read more

Nico Rosberg highlights ‘massive work’ Mercedes faces to change concepts: PlanetF1

While Mercedes has said it’s time to change the concept of its car, Nico Rosberg says it’s a much bigger job than just slapping new sidepods on the W14. Fearing that their deficit to Red Bull has “doubled or almost tripled” this season, Toto Wolff has admitted the time has come for Mercedes to make … Read more

George Russell wonders if Mercedes ‘captured’ ground rule changes: PlanetF1

Losing ground to Red Bull over the winter, George Russell admits Mercedes “probably haven’t captured” the ground regulation changes and their rivals. As last season’s W13 bounced from track to track, Mercedes pushed for changes as the team feared the effects porpoising would have on drivers in the long run. This has led the FIA … Read more

Lewis Hamilton ‘still has a roll of the dice’ to bet on a team for an eighth title: PlanetF1

As he ponders his options for 2024, Martin Brundle doesn’t believe retirement is on the list as winning that “eighth title is all” for Lewis Hamilton. Barring a massive improvement in form, and that should be coupled with an equally huge drop in Red Bull, challenging for an eighth world title seems like a dream … Read more

Lewis Hamilton accused of sending ‘mixed messages’ to struggling Mercedes: PlanetF1

Damon Hill, the 1996 world champion, claimed Lewis Hamilton was giving “mixed messages” to Mercedes after the team’s disappointing start to the 2023 Formula 1 season. After going a full season without a win for the first time in his F1 career in 2022, Hamilton had been aiming for a return to title glory this … Read more

‘Catchy comments from Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff risks civil war at Mercedes’: PlanetF1

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff’s questioning of Mercedes’ Formula 1 concept car over the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend has been compared to a ‘civil war’ by a respected Formula 1 technical pundit. After being limited to just one win in 2022, Mercedes were optimistic of returning to regular winning ways this season, but Hamilton and … Read more

Lewis Hamilton ‘not motivated by money’ in talks with Mercedes: PlanetF1

Sky F1 presenter Simon Lazenby says the eighth world title was the main factor on mind for Lewis Hamilton, not money, as he sits down for contract negotiations with Mercedes. For a while it looked like Hamilton extending his Mercedes stay beyond 2023 was just a formality. Of course, the team had failed to mount … Read more

The eight other F1 cars that gave Lewis Hamilton a hard time : PlanetF1

In his 10 years as a Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton’s bond with his team has never been so strained as it is today. After going winless for the first time in his Formula 1 career last season, this was supposed to be the year Hamilton resumed his quest for a historic eighth world championship. Instead, … Read more

‘Copying Aston Martin, no silver bullet’ as Mercedes scrambles to save 2023 F1 season: PlanetF1

Respected Formula 1 technical analyst Craig Scarborough has dismissed suggestions that Mercedes could copy Aston Martin’s car as a “quick fix” to their problems at the start of the 2023 season. After being limited to just one win last season, Mercedes were set to return to title contention in 2023, but their performance in the … Read more