Carnival’s ship will eventually arrive

Unlike its customers, Carnival Corp. CCA -4.77% shareholders should focus on the destination, not the journey. Many expected the world’s biggest cruise line to be profitable again three years after the Covid-19 pandemic hit with much of the tourism and leisure sector booming. They will have to wait a little longer for this very capital-intensive … Read more

New York Community Bancorp shares to benefit from signed banking agreement

Text size These reports, excerpted and edited by Barron’s, were recently published by investment and research firms. The reports are a sample of the analysts’ thinking; they should not be considered Barron’s opinions or recommendations. Some of the issuers of the reports have provided, or expect to provide, investment banking or other services to the … Read more

Preferred shares offer a better way to bet on banks

A normally calm corner of the financial markets – preferred stocks – was rocked by the foreclosures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, and that created opportunities for investors. Preferred shares are a senior form of stock whose dividends come before those of common stock. However, bank-issued preferred shares account for about two-thirds of … Read more

Rivian moves more engineers near Illinois electric vehicle plant to speed up production

Electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian Automotive Inc. SHORE -0.66% is moving parts of its manufacturing engineering team to its Illinois plant as part of a reorganization aimed at speeding up production, according to a person familiar with the plan. The reorganization is expected to be announced soon and will require a significant portion of the engineering … Read more

Three tips from microbiologists for coping with pollen season

youAn allergy is a condition in which the immune system overreacts to a substance that is not normally harmful to the body. Substances that cause allergic reactions are called allergens. According to the Portuguese Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, it is estimated that allergies affect around a third of the population in Portugal. Among … Read more

New cases from Marburg in Equatorial Guinea are a ‘critical warning’, says WHO

“A the confirmation of these new cases is a critical warning to intensify response efforts to quickly stop the chain of transmission and prevent a possible large-scale outbreak and loss of life,” the WHO regional director said. for Africa, Matshidiso Moeti, referring to the eight new cases in Equatorial Guinea announced today by the WHO, … Read more

Here’s What Happens to the IRS After You File Your Taxes

Jonathan Amy, a 74-year-old semi-retired neurologist in McLean, Va., is still awaiting a refund of nearly $10,000 on his 2020 taxes. His accountant electronically filed his extension statement in September 2021 and received a notification of acceptance from the Internal Revenue Service. Finally, last month, Mr. Amy contacted the Taxpayer Advocate Service, an independent watchdog … Read more

Billionaire investor Leon Cooperman sees a market of stock pickers. Here is what he buys.

““We have a self-induced crisis of irresponsible fiscal monetary policy over the past decade.”” —Leon Cooperman, President of the Omega Family Office This was billionaire hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman commenting on the current banking crisis which has seen the closure of SVB Financial Groups SIVB, Silicon Valley Bank and crypto-friendly lenders Signature Bank and … Read more

10 Most Lucrative Places Older Americans Can Sell Their Homes, Maximize Profits, and Retire Elsewhere

Hawaii is one of the most lucrative states to own a home when it comes to home equity, according to a recent Vanguard report. iStock It is certainly advantageous to own a house before reaching the golden age. About 80% of Americans age 60 and older are homeowners, with real estate wealth accounting for about … Read more

I’m 38, sold my house for $1.3 million and saved my money, but wonder if I’ll ever be able to retire.

Dear Marketwatch, I am 38 years old and I wonder if I will ever be able to retire. In 2020, I bought a house for $649,000 with a 25% down payment. In 2022 I sold it for $1.3 million, took that money and reduced the cash payment. My total monthly housing expenses are still $1,500 … Read more