Fed to suspend or raise rates by 25 basis points: the pros and cons of each

The Federal Reserve will meet on Wednesday and, for once, the outcome is unclear. This is the most uncertain Fed meeting since 2008, said Jim Bianco, president of Bianco Research. Fed officials, starting with former Chairman Ben Bernanke, have perfected the art of having the market price in what the central bank will do – … Read more

Billionaire investor Leon Cooperman sees a market of stock pickers. Here is what he buys.

““We have a self-induced crisis of irresponsible fiscal monetary policy over the past decade.”” —Leon Cooperman, President of the Omega Family Office This was billionaire hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman commenting on the current banking crisis which has seen the closure of SVB Financial Groups SIVB, Silicon Valley Bank and crypto-friendly lenders Signature Bank and … Read more

10 Most Lucrative Places Older Americans Can Sell Their Homes, Maximize Profits, and Retire Elsewhere

Hawaii is one of the most lucrative states to own a home when it comes to home equity, according to a recent Vanguard report. iStock It is certainly advantageous to own a house before reaching the golden age. About 80% of Americans age 60 and older are homeowners, with real estate wealth accounting for about … Read more

I’m 38, sold my house for $1.3 million and saved my money, but wonder if I’ll ever be able to retire.

Dear Marketwatch, I am 38 years old and I wonder if I will ever be able to retire. In 2020, I bought a house for $649,000 with a 25% down payment. In 2022 I sold it for $1.3 million, took that money and reduced the cash payment. My total monthly housing expenses are still $1,500 … Read more

Despite market volatility, retail investors went on a buying spree. These are the shares they picked up, says Vanda.

The turmoil in financial markets, as the failure of three U.S. banks and uncertainty surrounding a major European bank continues to loom, hasn’t stopped some investors from buying into this so-called stock market bottom at a given time last week. That’s according to a weekly report released Friday by Vanda Research, which said retail investors … Read more

Unlimited deposit insurance: a radical idea making its way through Congress

The federal bailout of Silicon Valley Bank depositors was staged with historic speed and may have saved the US economy from a devastating wave of bank failures, but it also highlights the potential need for a radical overhaul of the system. American Deposit Insurance and Banking Regulation. more generally. During a hearing before the Senate … Read more

“I feel like a sucker”: I bought shares for $18 after an IPO. The underwriter’s brokerage had a price target of $30. It fell below $1. How could they be so wrong?

I bought a stock when it went public last year. A major brokerage was the underwriter and had a price target of $30 on the stock. I thought it was a good idea to buy the stock at $18 because I thought it would go to $30. The stock yesterday was trading below $1. How … Read more

US stocks set to see wild swings as billions in options contracts expire on Friday

U.S. stocks could see increasingly wild swings in the coming days as options contracts tied to trillions of dollars worth of securities are due to expire on Friday, removing a buffer that some say helped thwart the index S&P 500 to break out of a narrow trading range. . Options contracts worth $2.8 trillion are … Read more

Lumen debt swap shows firm plans to ‘fight on’ amid investor doubts

Lumen Technologies Inc. is offering to conduct a debt swap in what an analyst sees as management’s attempt to ‘fight back’ amid growing doubts about the telco’s ability to turn around its business while facing heavy debt. Lumen LUMN, -3.86% said in a morning press release that Level 3 Financing, a subsidiary of the company, … Read more

French President Macron sets an example: raising the retirement age could solve financial and demographic problems, even if workers hate the idea

With more older people retiring than young people working, and people living longer in general, governments around the world are considering raising the retirement age. French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 is advancing without a vote in parliament, moments before the vote, the Associated Press reported. France … Read more