Mike Krack on ‘ambiguous’ FIA rules for car work during penalty time : PlanetF1

Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack has called the regulations around working on a car during a penalty period “a bit ambiguous” after Fernando Alonso nearly lost his Saudi Arabian P3 GP. Alonso finished Sunday’s race at the Jeddah circuit in third place, 5.1 seconds ahead of George Russell, only to be informed after podium … Read more

Fernando Alonso focuses on trio of teams behind with Red Bull ‘in another league’: PlanetF1

Fernando Alonso starts alongside Red Bull’s Sergio Perez on the front row in Jeddah but doesn’t expect to challenge for victory. Red Bull predicted the peloton would bring them back for the Saudi Arabian GP after dominating Bahrain’s season opener, but Bahrain winner Max Verstappen was giving reason to believe the opposite was true as … Read more

Exceptional races when Lance Stroll proved ‘pay driver’ skeptics wrong: PlanetF1

The 2023 Bahrain GP knocked out a good chunk of the ‘pay driver’ naysayers for Lance Stroll, although it wasn’t the first instance where he proved them wrong. Stroll followed a similar path to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in the sense that his immense performances in the junior categories saw him enter the world of … Read more

Pierre Gasly in the lead, Max Verstappen’s license almost erased: PlanetF1

As the World Championship standings started from zero in Bahrain, the riders’ penalty point tally continued from last year. Formula 1’s penalty point system is in place to keep driver behavior under control, in the same way as regular road users, with 12 points on their FIA super license over a 12 month period resulting … Read more

“Major changes to the car could see Aston Martin fall behind in the 2023 F1 development race”: PlanetF1

A respected Formula 1 technical analyst fears Aston Martin’s sweeping changes to their 2023 Formula 1 car could hurt the team in this season’s development race. Aston Martin revealed what technical director Dan Fallows hailed as a “bold and aggressive” design with the launch of the AMR23 car on Monday, with the car featuring a … Read more