The First Republic may not need American help. It will not protect shareholders.

The First Republic may not need American help.  It will not protect shareholders.

Text size First Republic shares closed down 47% in Monday trading. The stock is now down more than 90% so far in March. Eric Thayer/Bloomberg Shares of Bank of the First Republic are still in freefall even after the banking industry provided the lender with billions of dollars in cash. That money could be enough … Read more

Despite market volatility, retail investors went on a buying spree. These are the shares they picked up, says Vanda.

The turmoil in financial markets, as the failure of three U.S. banks and uncertainty surrounding a major European bank continues to loom, hasn’t stopped some investors from buying into this so-called stock market bottom at a given time last week. That’s according to a weekly report released Friday by Vanda Research, which said retail investors … Read more

Meta’s layoffs are just a drop in the bucket. These companies are cutting more.

The job cuts at Meta The platforms are huge, but not exceptional. Many other companies are acting even more aggressively. Meta (ticker: META), the parent company of Facebook, said last week that it would cut 10,000 jobs and cancel 5,000 vacancies. The cuts come less than six months after the company announced 11,000 layoffs in … Read more

Apple and other big tech stocks are posting gains despite bank blasts. Here’s why.

Text size Apple and other big companies saw their stocks rise despite worries in the banking sector. Pau Barrena/AFP via Getty Images SVB Financial The ‘s troubles may have triggered the latest round of stock market troubles, but despite the lender’s ties to Silicon Valley, the tech sector has been remarkably resilient during the sell-off. … Read more

Here’s why a Credit Suisse failure matters to U.S. investors

On Wednesday morning, thousands of miles from US shores, a headline began to make its way across Europe and then onto Wall Street, sparking further panic as it dawned on investors that they might face another banking crisis. His comment triggered a sell-off, spreading from European banks to US stock index futures, leaving Dow industrialists … Read more

“Median household net worth is next to nothing,” says Carl Icahn.

“ “We have major problems in our economy… A lot of people in our economy are obviously not doing well.”” —Carl Icahn That was Wall Street billionaire investor Carl Icahn, speaking to CNBC’s Closing Bell on Tuesday, following the government’s emergency measures to mitigate the impact of one of the biggest bank failures in the … Read more

SVB Collapse Means More Volatility in Stock Markets: What Investors Need to Know

All eyes are on federal banking regulators as investors sift through the aftermath of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse last week. The name of the game — and the key to a near-term market rebound — could be a deal that makes depositors at Silicon Valley Bank, or SVB, whole, analysts said. And regulators’ efforts … Read more

What’s next for stocks after SVB collapse and as crucial inflation reading looms

Investors are bracing for the release of a US consumer price index that may show no meaningful decline in inflation, leaving few safe places to hide as systemic risks could rise. Just days after Silicon Valley Bank’s woes eclipsed Friday’s strong jobs report, February’s Consumer Price Index report will shift the focus back to inflation. … Read more

SVB Financial realigns its portfolio and blows up the banking sector

Text size Silicon Valley Bank lends to venture capital-backed start-ups in areas such as technology and life sciences. Andrei Stanescu/ Shares of lender SVB Financial Group fell on Thursday, sending ripples through the banking sector, which had been largely sheltered from concerns about the recession and rising rates. SVB’s troubles came as the Silicon Valley-based … Read more

Companies continue to buy back their shares. These actions are worth the detour.

Text size A Comcast service van. The time of dreams Politicians hate stock buybacks. Businesses love them, and so far they show no signs of stopping. Yes, stock buybacks may seem difficult for businesses right now. President Biden, in his State of the Union address, said he would propose a 4% tax on buyouts, up … Read more