Yes, you really can buy portable saunas on Amazon – and apparently Kate Hudson is a fan!

Ready to sweat? Apparently a lot of people are right now – and not just because it’s January. Saunas aren’t new, but these little rooms are hot in more ways than one right now and, of course, Amazon has found an affordable way for just about anyone to get the sweaty Scandinavian experience. wherever you want: You can get the OppsDecor Portable Steam Sauna for just $80.

Saunas and steam rooms are deeply rooted in Scandinavian culture – in Finland alone there is a three-person sauna in the country – but there has been a resurgence of interest in the United States in recent years . Linked to the pandemic? May be. Some spas claim that a good sweat in a steam room is a way to detox or get the results of a workout without cardio or lifting weights, but there are Again. What they make offer is a relaxing experience, remember that you are exposing yourself to extreme heat and if you have any health conditions or are pregnant, be sure to consult your doctor.

Sweat wherever you go. (Photo: Amazon)

You can get portable saunas that use steam or infrared heat. As the name suggests, the OppsDecor Portable Steam Sauna uses steam. This sauna is kind of like a pop-up tent that comes with a little chair that fits inside. It closes with a slit for the head and hands. The steam generator pumps steam into the tent through tubes that you can operate with a remote control. It takes about seven minutes to heat up the sauna, which can reach temperatures as high as 149℉. If you want to take your spa experience to the next level, adding herbs or essential oils to the water in the steam pot gives off that scent we expect from a luxurious steam room.

Here's to a torrid 2023.  (Picture: Amazon)

Here’s to a torrid 2023. (Picture: Amazon)

Saunas have become popular enough that people are building them on their properties, including Kate Hudson. She reportedly had a sauna built in her Los Angeles home.

“The only thing I’ve always done, because I learned it from my mother [Goldie Hawn] which is best is ‘Sweat it out’ – it’s hot and cold,” she said. “I love my cold dives. And I love my saunas. My mom and I would both say the sauna is our happy place.

When she can’t use it at home, she uses a sauna blanket or a portable sauna like the OppsDecor Portable Steam Sauna.

Sweaty Kate is one happy Kate.  (Photo: Instagram Stories/ @katehudson

Sweaty Kate is one happy Kate. (Photo: Instagram Stories/ @katehudson

Nearly 1,400 Amazon shoppers are already fans of the OppsDecor Portable Steam Sauna – and they’re excited!

“Just when I thought I couldn’t get any hotter, this sauna came into my life and did just that,” wrote one rave reviewer. “Now I’m fitter, funnier, and weirder than ever! Most of the time, I’m counting the minutes until I can get home, jump in that bad boy, and really sweat it out. 5 stars all the day for giving me a ten!”

“This thing is getting hot!!” shared another enthusiastic buyer. “I love the sauna. I come out soaked in sweat and I love it. The sauna is definitely worth it and I recommend it and will recommend it to more people.”

If you have Amazon Prime, you will of course get free shipping. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your 30-day free trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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